White brine on the tray

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A fast food…

  • Ingredient:
  • 800 grams of white beef broth
  • 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 3-4 tablespoons of broth
  • 6-7 finely chopped garlic cloves
  • a cup of wine
  • salt
  • pepper
  • basil

    Servings: 4

    Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

    RECIPE PREPARATION White broth in the pan:

    Wash the brisket, increase to one centimeter and put 2 slices of garlic in the notches. Place in the pan, season, put the broth, wine and oil. Add enough water to cover it halfway. Leave on the right heat for about 90 minutes.

    Serve with a garnish of vegetables or potatoes and salad.

    Pike broth, salami, white fish, Dobrogea recipe, dietetics

    Pike broth, salami, white fish, Dobrogea recipe, dietetics. What kind of vegetables do we use, how and how much fish is boiled? Written and video recipe with all the secrets.

    I really like fish and I cook it in many ways. Being half Dobrogean, I learned to eat fish, crabs and shells since I was a child. I'm not scared of fish with bones, and my children have been eating fish since they were very young.

    From my Dobrogea family I learned absolutely wonderful fish recipes. From classic fish soup or soup with fish meatballs, sarmale, meatballs, brine, baked or marinated fish, fried or fried, to sophisticated recipes such as pike or stuffed carps, cordon bleu from salau, turkey on a tray, all kinds canned fish in oil, tomato sauce or fish zacusca. And I also have lesser known genre recipes Malasolca or skordalia .

    Pike broth, salami, white fish, Dobrogea recipe, dietetics

    You can find my fish recipes here. Follow me, I'll bring you some absolutely wonderful fish recipes soon. I just live in Dobrogea now and I have fish at my discretion.


    1.2 kg of white Angus beef brine

    How to prepare steak beef broth:

    The first time we preheat the oven to 200 ° C. Season the meat with plenty of salt and pepper. Then put the oil and butter in a pan, when the pan is hot add the beef broth and brown on all sides, over high heat.

    In a ceramic pot with a lid, put the sliced ​​carrots, the onion as well. Garlic hat cut in half. Season with salt, pepper, and dried Italian herbs (thyme, basil, oregano). Place the meat with the oil and butter in the pan. At the end we put 50 ml of red wine and bay leaf.

    Bake without a lid for 15 minutes. Then put the lid on and lower the temperature to 170 ° C. Leave the steak in the oven for an hour and a half. Meanwhile, peel the potatoes. After 1 hour and a half, turn the meat over and add the potatoes. Bake for 30 minutes. Raise the temperature to 200 ° C, remove the lid and leave for another 15-20 minutes without the lid enough to lightly brown the potatoes.

    Remove the meat and vegetables from the pot, cover them with foil, leave the sauce there. Put the pot on the fire, add the rest of the wine, boil for 2 minutes, then put the hot water. Let it simmer until the sauce is slightly reduced, adding the flour at the end. Stir until the sauce thickens, then turn off the heat. Slice the meat, pour the sauce and serve while hot.

    Angus white beef broth can be found in the Family Pack (HERE)

    Lamb leg on a tray with white wine and rosemary

    Yes, I know Easter is still a long way off, but Christmas is very close, and who knows, maybe not everyone loves pork. Or maybe you've lost a piece of lamb in the freezer and asked to be taken out, sprinkled with white wine, stuffed with garlic and stroked with rosemary sprigs.

    That's exactly what happened to me: I still had a lamb leg in the freezer received from the country. And as you know me, I turned around and wondered, what to do to them, how to do it, to work as little as possible and to get as much as possible? I mean, I wanted to have the gasket included, not to work twice.

    And so it turned out that laziness is a good teacher: after a little concentration, I found the 2 in 1 solution, the steak + vegetables from a fire. I stuffed the meat with garlic, seasoned it well on all sides and placed it in a deep tray surrounded only by potatoes and carrots, that's all I had. But you know what? There was no need for anything else. That word: "classic and fantastic." Good! A few sprigs of rosemary and some white wine kept the ugly lamb for an hour or so while it was in the oven. It was tender, fragrant, juicy, delicious! Print this recipe and put it right, so you know about it when the holidays come. You will love the end result!

    How to cook beef broth with sauce and potatoes

    Beef is boiled in one of the ways described above. It is good to take advantage of the soup obtained and turn it into a kind of independent or to freeze it and use it later to improve food, sauces. to risotto use this soup instead of water.

    We realize that the brine has boiled enough if we prick it with a fork and it is soft. After boiling, remove the meat and strain the soup. I prepared the meat in a slow cooker. I boiled the meat in the evening and in the morning, when I woke up, everything was ready.

    I took out the meat carefully. This beef broth boiled so well that it unwinds itself into bundles. How good are the skins, the gelatinous portions! With a fresh homemade pita with us, they pass as an appetizer because they resemble the taste and texture with the marrow.


    Foodblogger at Savori Urbane. #savoriurbane

    White beef broth in dough

    1.Mix the wine with three tablespoons of oil, coriander and thyme. Grease the brine with this mixture and leave it to cool for a few hours (even from evening to the next day). Thaw the dough at room temperature.

    2. Put oil in a saucepan and fry the broth on all sides until golden brown, then remove it to a plate. In the remaining fat, sauté the onions, mushrooms and olives, all finely chopped.

    3. When the juice has dropped, salt to taste. Spread the dough, about two centimeters thick, put the mushroom sauce and place over the meat.

    4. Wrap everything in dough. From the leftover dough, make small decorations. Grease a pan with oil and bake in the oven over medium heat for about 50-60 minutes.

    photo credit: © Viktorija - Fotolia.com

    Suggestion. You can make this recipe with any type of meat, but you have to marinate it beforehand, in order to cook nicely and get a taste of the marinade flavors.

    1. Clean the fish, wash in a few waters and then cut 3-4 times on both sides, and sprinkle in the notches salt, peppercorns and ground and ground bay leaves.

    2. Grease with olive oil, cover with lemon slices and leave in the fridge for about an hour.

    3. During this time, peel the potatoes and bring to a boil as for the puree, add salt to taste and simmer.

    4. Pour the wine mixed with a little water and salt over the fish, then put it in the oven. Sprinkle the fish from time to time with the sauce from the pan and after it has browned, serve it with a garnish of natural potatoes and garnish with lemon slices and parsley leaves.

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