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Sandwich of the Week: Noonie's Deli's The Gobbler

Sandwich of the Week: Noonie's Deli's The Gobbler

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Thanksgiving dinner, in sandwich form

You can have Thanksgiving any time of the year thanks to this sandwich.

The Gobbler from Noonie’s Deli, located in Middlebury, Vermont, is perfect for those who love Thanksgiving sandwiches. With this sandwich you can get your turkey and all the fixins in just one bite. Best part? It’s available all year so you can have Thanksgiving dinner from Nonnie’s whenever you want it.

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The Gobbler ($6.95) presents itself on a hearty white roll. A thick slice of turkey is topped with crunchy lettuce, homemade stuffing, and generous amounts of mayo and cranberry sauce.

The real flavor lies in the homemade stuffing. You know after eating homemade stuffing you just can’t go back to the packaged ones; they just aren’t even comparable. This stuffing in The Gobbler has perfectly moistened bread of three types: whole wheat, honey oat, and rye bread moistened with onions, celery, and garlic powder as soft as butter. It absorbs the cranberry sauce and mayo, and allows for the taste to seep through and create new combinations of unimaginable flavors.

Then there’s the balance between the cool and hot. The cranberry sauce and mayo are both cool while the rest of the toppings are hot. Because of this, you won’t be overwhelmed with worrying about burning yourself. Instead, you ask yourself, “why and how is this sandwich so good?!”

Noonie's is one the town favorites, especially for the students. Other menu items include sandwiches like the California Roast Beef, Reuben, and Vermonter, soups, salads, drinks, and desserts. It’s also very family friendly, so you can spend hours there having a good time with good conversation (and good sandwiches, of course).

The Hidden New Jersey Deli That Makes The Best Sandwiches Ever

New Jersey does delis right. Wherever you go, you can find a fantastic sandwich with the freshest meats and cheeses. But what if you couldn’t find the best, because it was tucked away behind a custard shop? The good news is, that will never happen, because I’m going to tell you exactly where you can find some of the most mouthwatering sandwiches in the state.

They're stuffed with fresh, flavorful ingredients and there's always something new to try. You'll find classic subs like meatball parm, turkey, and roast beef, with mini-subs starting at just $5. Depending on how hungry you are, they also offer "regular" and "whole" sizes. You can also find specialty subs including Southwestern Wild Fire (Santa Fe turkey, pepperjack cheese, and fried long hot peppers) and Vegetable Blast (grilled eggplant, asparagus, red peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, and fresh mozzarella).

They've got cold deli sandwiches served on Kaiser rolls or your choice of bread, including seafood salad and a BLT. Hot sandwich options include grilled cheese, hot pastrami and tuna melts. but that's not all. They've got amazing cheese steak sandwiches, 8 oz. burgers and 1/4 pound hot dogs - and that's just the daily menu.

You'll find creative (and budget friendly) daily specials each week. Current specials include a Crispy Chicken BLT (Fried Chicken Tenders, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Leaf Lettuce and Jersey Tomato complemented with our Cajun Mayo and served on a 12 inch Roll) and Kathleen's Wrap (Grilled Chicken, Homemade Jersey Tomato Bruschetta, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese and Spring Mix finished with Balsamic Vinaigrette and served on a Whole Wheat Wrap). It's always fun to see what yummy concoctions they come up with.

Now that we've got sandwiches covered, let's talk about the rest of the menu. You'll enjoy omelettes, buttermilk pancakes, French toast and many other breakfast options. For lunch, go for chicken tenders, wings, Old Bay fries or their original Tarantini Panzarotti.

It has dozens of 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, so you don’t need to take my word that it’s amazing! Customers rave about the friendly staff and service, just another reason to visit this wonderful local deli. The chili comes highly recommended! One patron says, “If you aren’t looking for it, it’s easy to drive right by. I did for years. Not anymore! The hoagies are excellent.” Excellent! Just be aware that this spot is take out only, though they also offer catering. Find Dad’s Deli in Evesham Township, just behind Rita’s at 135 N Maple Avenue in Marlton. For an entirely different but equally spectacular dining experience, head to this diner and pancake factory in Edgewater.

1. The Gobbler

Is there really any question about the Gobbler being the Number One Sandwich at Wawa? No, there isn’t. It is comfort on a roll. A portable Thanksgiving dinner. Warm and sloppy and cheap and delicious all at the same time. My only complaint? That it isn’t available 365 days a year. Or sometimes after 9 p.m. And that it doesn’t automatically come with a side of mashed potatoes to dip the entire sandwich in.

Our Favorite Sandwiches IN Greenwich

What do the names Tidbit, Bruin, Hotsy, Stilton and Beach Bum all have in common?! They’re all local sandwiches and if one thing is for sure, there is no shortage of awesome sandwiches in Greenwich. We made it our mission to taste test sandwiches throughout town (before and during the pandemic) so you too could accept a similar challenge and enjoy local top sandwiches as well – suggestions below! Please note that some of the included photos were taken before the pandemic.

Below we write about our favorites (in no particular order) from Greenwich Prime Meats, Rinaldi’s Country Deli, Garden Catering, Alpen Pantry, Firehouse Deli, Upper Crust Bagel Shop and Corbo’s. There are so many others locations like Tony’s Deli, Arcuri’s, Stateline Deli, Joey B’s, Executive Corner Deli, Green & Tonic, Chicken Joe’s, Ada’s Kitchen + Coffee, Villa Nuova, Pemberwick X-change, Cardillos, etc., but you’d be reading this all day if we included them all. Feel free to send us your top picks to add to this list.

Greenwich Prime Meats

Greenwich Prime Meats, located on Bruce Park Avenue, is not just any butcher shop! When longtime Greenwich steakhouse Manero’s and its accompanying butcher shop closed their doors for good in 2006, Sal Genario stepped in to fill the void by creating Greenwich Prime Meats. In addition to fresh cuts of beef, handpicked by Genario from the Hunts Point Meat Market in the Bronx, N.Y., he offers other items, like prepared foods, pantry items, dog bones and of course items carried over from Manero’s like steak sandwiches, Gorgonzola salads and garlic bread. And so, Greenwich Prime Meats steak tidbit wedge with fried onions and the shop’s signature steak sauce had to make the IN Greenwich list of one of the best sandwiches in town! is one of Greenwich Prime Meat’s best sellers, its owner said.

Open seven days a week, and closed only for Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, and Thanksgiving, Greenwich Prime Meats is a “family-style butcher shop.”

Address: 100 Bruce Park Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

Photos by Jess Reid (pre-pandemic)

Rinaldi’s Country Deli

Since 1986, Rinaldi’s Country Deli in Cos Cob has been a breakfast and lunch hot-spot for teenagers and locals alike. The deli is run by sisters Michelle Rinaldi and Antoinette Martinez, who have come to think of their loyal customers as an extension of their family. Just a short ways away from Greenwich High School and the Cos Cob business district, if you go right at lunch time, there is bound to be a crowd.

Rinaldi’s has an array of signature deli sandwiches, but when you ask around the sandwich name you’ll hear again and again is “The Bruin.” Packed with chicken cutlet, bacon, melted fresh, mozzarella and covered in homemade sweet barbecue sauce, there’s a reason “The Bruin” is so popular. The sweetness of the barbecue sauce combined with the melty mozzarella over the chicken cutlet make it simply irresistible and one of our favorite sandwiches IN Greenwich.

Address: 70 Orchard St, Cos Cob, CT 06807

Bruin sandwich, photo by Dan Wurst

Garden Catering

Garden Catering is a Greenwich staple! Located in both the heart of Old Greenwich and in Chickahominy (as well as locations outside of Greenwich), Garden Catering is home to their world famous chicken nuggets. Aside from their nuggets, Garden Catering has a large selection of meals, salads, awesome sides like cones and plenty of sandwiches.

When it comes to a breakfast sandwich, Garden Catering’s Hotsy is at the top of everyone’s list. The “Hotsy” is filled with bacon, egg, cheese, and Hotsy’s famous house-made chili. Frank “Hotsy” Bertino was a longtime Cos Cob resident, purple heart recipient and worked at Garden Catering well into his 90s. His original chili recipe has been unchanged since 1944. For most, the “Hotsy” sandwich is their go-to when ordering a breakfast sandwich. FYI, Hotsy Day is July 13th which you can celebrate by enjoying $1.00 Hotsys!

Addresses: 185 1/2 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870 + 177 Hamilton Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

Hotsy sandwich, photo by Dan Wurst

Alpen Pantry

An Old Greenwich institution on Arcadia Road, Alpen Pantry is known for their gourmet sandwiches and famous black bread. Considered a specialty sandwich store rather than a deli, Gary and his team offer a wide variety of imported cheeses, Schalle & Weber Meats and gourmet foods.

The menu is comprised of sandwiches that all have creative names giving you a hint of what’s inside. Folks are passionate about what their favorite Alpen sandwich is! Top of the list are the Stilton, Bomber, Gobbler and the Rueben (photographed) with corned beef, red cabbage, and mustard-horseradish sauce served on black bread, of course. Also photographed is a personal favorite, the the Veggie with blue cheese, lettuce, tomato and swiss cheese. Every sandwich is terrific, it just depends on what you prefer!

Address: 23 Arcadia Rd, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

Photos by Jess Reid, pre-pandemic

Firehouse Deli

Firehouse Deli sits in the heart of Byram directly across from, you guessed it, the Byram Firehouse. Owned by the Labrosciano family, Firehouse has been serving up gigantic and delicious wedges to the community and their loyal customers for more than 20 years.

Upon walking in you’re bound to find something on their extensive menu from paninis, to wraps, grill specialties and so much more, but where you’ll want to focus your time, and where we recommend choosing your sandwich, is from Anthony’s Crazy Combos. It’s in this section of the menu where you can find specialty sandwiches with names such as the Backdraft, Cousin Vinny and the Hot Balboa.

On this visit to Firehouse we went with the namesake sandwich, the Firehouse – Smoked Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Roasted Peppers, and Honey Mustard Dressing – on your choice of a roll or wedge. We opted for the wedge and when we said “gigantic wedges” earlier, we meant it. This wedge could easily feed 2-3 people, or one VERY hungry person. We loved the freshness of the turkey and the roasted red peppers.

Address: 265 Mill St, Greenwich, CT 06830

Upper Crust Bagel Company

Many good ideas have come from driving to and from Tod’s Point, including Rob and Amy Guerrieri’s idea to open a bagel shop in Old Greenwich! Over 25 years ago Upper Crust Bagel Company opened on Sound Beach Avenue and they’ve been making great bagels and offering other delicious foods ever since. In addition to their bagels, they’re known for both their friendly, comfortable environment and as a business that gives back to the local Greenwich community.

Though there are many terrific sandwiches that you can get at Upper Crust, our favorite is the Beach Bum – turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bermuda onion and mayo on a bagel of your choice . Other popular sandwiches include the O.G., the Muenster Melt and the Beach Club, though you can’t go wrong with anything from their menu.

Address: 197 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

Corbo’s Corner Deli

The only thing better than the perfect sandwich is the perfect sandwich with a nice group of friends, making Corbo’s Corner Deli a favorite sandwich spot in town. All Corbo’s delis are family and friend owned and operated – a majority having grown up in Greenwich. They have locations on the Westside of town to the Eastside of Greenwich as well as in Harbor Point in Stamford, with their first spot having opened in 2004. At Corbo’s you get to enjoy great food and even better staff personalities!

We love all the food from Corbo’s whether picked up or catered but our favorite sandwiches from here often revolve around chicken cutlet. Number 12 is especially nice on 3+ foot wedges with chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and balsamic vinaigrette. The #14 includes cajun chicken cutlets, swiss cheese and bleu cheese dressing. Another personal favorite is the Lucas breakfast sandwich with double egg, bacon, chili, cheese, potato and ketchup. We’d be remiss if we didn’t say their meatball parm is tremendous as well.

Addresses: 1380 E Putnam Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870 (East) + 470 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830 (West) + 90 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT 06902 (Southside)

Photos by Jen Manke & Jess Reid

There are so many great sandwiches in Greenwich that we’re ending our “sandwich research” here for now. It’s worth noting that there are delis and sandwich locations that sadly no longer exist, like Vito’s (they had the best roast beef sandwiches) and Pastrami Dan’s (a popular spot from years ago that is now in Florida).

There’s the question of what is a sandwich?! In this piece we didn’t include lobster rolls for instance – though last year we wrote about where to get them locally – lobster roll article here. We haven’t even begun to discuss the best burger in town. Then there are others that should be mentioned as they could be sandwiches, like the chicken parm with chili from the Two Door on Thursdays, though it’s typically served as a dinner over pasta.

Our sandwich research has taught us one thing for sure, there is no shortage of great sandwiches in Greenwich. L et us know your favorite sandwiches that you think we should include in the future and we challenge you to enjoy our suggestions above.

How to Freeze Deli Meat

How to freeze pre-packaged deli meat &mdash Plan on stocking up on deli meat? Go with pre-packaged variety. There's no need to take your cold cuts out of the packaging: the airtight, vacuum seal will actually allow you to keep your protein in the freezer from experiencing freezer burn. But for a little extra protection, place the package in a freezer safe container or wrap in aluminum foil. Attach a post-it with the date you stored your meat, this will help you steer clear of eating expired meat.

How to Freeze Unpacked Deli &mdash If you've already eaten a few slices of your cold cuts, you can still freeze your deli meat! Wrap the individual slices of your lunch meat in wax paper, then place in freezer bag &mdash be sure to squeeze all the air out to avoid freezer burn. Again, make sure you write the storage date on the freezer bag.

Located in Ann Arbor, Zingerman's Deli is well-known among locals. The line outside the shop is usually 30-minutes long but has reached 120 minutes. Most wait in line for the most popular items, which include the pastrami, brisket, and corned beef sandwiches.

"Zingerman's is a legend, consistently ranked among the world's best sandwich joints, and deservedly so," USA Today wrote. "If you ask any Ann Arbor resident or Michigan alum, they will likely know the name and number of their favorite sandwich, even ten years later. Passions run so high that they keep a list of 'retired' less popular sandwiches that have been discontinued, just so they can still make them when a fan returns."

Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli – Deli Sandwich

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli is donating free bread to their communities continuing this week starting Monday, March 30th nationwide for our #sharetheloaf Campaign.
Follow all of our locations across the country at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli - Corporate as they pass the torch from California to Maine donating bread to their local communities.

Visit and 'like' your local Heidi's Brooklyn Deli social media pages to find out what day and time your Heidi's Brooklyn Deli will be donating bread in your community.
Times may be tough for our industry, but we can still share a little bit of joy in the best way we know how - Delicious, Homemade Bread!

America, let's make lemonade out of lemons together.

#sharetheloaf #strongertogether #heidisbrooklyndeli


Our Menu

• Every Heidi’s bakes 8 different flavors of bread from scratch with NO additives or preservatives.
• The variety of Heidi’s menu includes high quality sandwiches, fresh salads, handmade bagels, breakfast, soups, wraps and fruit smoothies.
• Recipes are made in-house and clean and natural ingredients are sourced whenever possible.
• Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli looks forward to serving food made from the freshest ingredients.


• With 18 locations and growing, Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli is proud to have a strong footprint in Colorado and locations in states across the country.

• We want to be your neighborhood choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We look forward to opening a location near you.

Own A Franchise

• Since being founded in 1994, Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli has remained a family-owned and community oriented company.
• We seek partners who honor those same values and share a passion for the finest deli food anywhere.

Wawa’s Turkey Gobbler Review and Clone Recipe

Anyone who has a WaWa convenience store near them has probably heard of their yearly Thanksgiving sandwich tradition for the last few years known as The Gobbler. It’s available for a limited time usually from early November to early December although most of the ingredients are available year-round (except for the cranberry sauce).

The Gobbler is basically a Thanksgiving meal on a whole wheat “Shorti” roll. It contains sliced turkey, herb stuffing, gravy, whole cranberry sauce, and your choice of cheese. The Gobbler is also available in a bowl with the same ingredients but without a roll.

Wawa has a computer ordering system that some people like and some people don’t. I am all about technology but this seems a bit unnecessary to me unless we can order online and have it ready when we arrive. I don’t understand the reason behind typing orders in while the employees are right over-the-counter. Plus, The Gobbler is a one item sandwich except for the choice of cheese (cheddar, cooper sharp, pepper jack, provolone, Swiss, white American, or yellow American), so the computer system is just a waste.

I didn’t know that The Gobbler came with cheese but it’s optional. I ordered it with pepper jack cheese and the combination was great, perfectly complementing the flavors with a little bit of heat. Some people have also said that bacon was available on their computer menu — I’m not too sure how well this would go with this sandwich but I would give it a go.

All of the ingredients in The Gobbler sandwich are standard and nothing special on their own.

The sliced turkey is the roasted turkey that you can get at deli counters everywhere. It’s not the turkey lunch meat but the real deal with the rough texture of turkey. It’s not too salty on its own.

The herb stuffing is packaged stuffing, such as Stovetop. This stuffing is a bit salty but the other ingredients absorb some of it. I didn’t expect better than this from a convenience store.

The gravy tastes like either chicken or turkey, I’m not sure which. If you leave this sandwich sit for too long, the gravy will make the roll soggy.

The cranberry sauce is the whole cranberry style in a can that you can buy anywhere. I read a few reviews where the writers say that the cranberry sauce is sweeter than regular cranberry sauce but it is the same thing that you can get in a can. It does add an extra layer of flavor to the salt and herbs of the other ingredients.

The Gobbler on a whole heat Shorti contains 520 calories, 14.5g total fat, 64g carbs, 34g of protein. Conspicuous by its absence from the advertised nutrients is the sodium. It’s strange because this sandwich has to contain a ton of sodium but they seem to play it down. If you have problems with sodium, you should probably stay away from this sandwich because it is very salty.

Overall, The Gobbler tasted pretty good but it is not a sandwich I’d want to eat often, a few times a year maybe. The flavors blended well together. It was a bit salty but manageable and not as bad as the KFC Double Down.

I wanted to try The Gobbler sandwich for a few years now but never got to it. This year I was going to try it in November butThanksgiving came up and I needed a break from turkey for a while. I finally bought it in early December and luckily I did because a few days later WaWa stop selling the sandwich. I wanted to try it again but it was too late and WaWa removed it from its menu until next year.

Instead of waiting for next Thanksgiving to eat The Gobbler, I decided to make my own. It was pretty easy to do and I think I came pretty close. My family didn’t like it because they don’t like packaged stuffing but I was going for an exact clone and had to use it.

Everything in my recipe can be purchased at your supermarket at a low cost. The most expensive ingredient is the deli roasted turkey which can set you back close to $10 for the good stuff. You don’t want a lower quality lunch meat version of roasted turkey you want the real deal, such as Boar’s Head or Dietz & Watson, which are well worth their higher price.

I used Stovetop Savory Herbs Stuffing but you can choose whatever flavor you prefer. For a better flavor, I’d go with a better prepared stuffing or homemade stuffing.

Any brand of gravy will work. I suggest chicken, turkey, or brown gravy but I’ve a preference for chicken, so that’s what I went with and used Campbell’s Chicken Gravy.

I used Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce but any whole berry cranberry sauce will do. The whole berries give the sauce a nice texture and slightly sweeter taste.

The cheese is optional and completely up to you what kind is used. I went with Kraft Cheddar Jack with Jalapeno Peppers Finely Shredded Cheese. Shredded cheese works well because it can be spread evenly.

medium hoagie rolls
Sliced deli roasted turkey, 2 slices per sandwich
1 package herb stuffing, prepared
1 can chicken or turkey gravy
1 can whole berry cranberry sauce
1 bag shredded cheese

1. Open a roll up on one side and be careful not to open both sides because you want to make a boat with the bread (like an open faced sandwich).

2. Place 2 slices of roasted turkey across the roll so that it can be folded closed just like the roll.

3. Scoop a few tablespoons of stuffing and place it on top of half of the roast beef and roll in a thin layer.

4. Spoon a few tablespoons of gravy on top of this stuffing but not too much or you will make a mess.

5. Spoon a few tablespoons of cranberry sauce on top of the stuffing and gravy — just enough to add some sweetness and not overpower the sandwich.

6. Sprinkle some cheese on top of the cranberry sauce.

7. Fold the sandwich partially closed and place the sandwich under a broiler or in the oven at 400 degrees for a few minutes until the cheese melts and the roll gets slightly toasted.

I built this sandwich differently than the ones served at WaWa and I think my way is better because the bread won’t get soggy from the gravy. Build it anyway you want to but this worked for me.

Belly-Pleasing Good Food

If the food served here pleases the palate as easily as its name rolls off the tongue, Beer Belly Deli will officially be the best thing to me since sliced multigrain bread.

Tucked into a red brick building off Inlet Square Drive, this deli that opened its doors May 2018 and is owned by husband-and-wife team Jessica and Jeremy Keefer prides itself on “putting a creative spin on specialty sandwiches, unique craft beer and quality meats and cheeses.” Get in my belly! (That’s actually the name of one of their hand-crafted creations, packed with corned beef, pastrami, turkey, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, red onion and chipotle mayo and served on multigrain.)

The sandwich I chose to put my hands on was The Havana, a pressed panini stuffed with porketta, ham, Swiss cheese, pickled chips and deli mustard. The Cuban-style sandwich was perfect for my belly, from the crunch of the toast to the melted cheese to the bite of the mustard and chips. Plus, you get a pickle spear and your choice of pasta salad, potato salad or macaroni salad.

Some additional honorable mentions that I want to try on future visits are The Palmetto, a nod to the South with pimento cheese, ham, bacon, tomato, red onion and chipotle mayo stacked between two slices of multigrain. And, in the spirit of the holidays, The Gobbler, with turkey, stuffing, cranberry relish and arugula on an onion roll served with a side of brown gravy.

Choose to order takeout or take a seat at one of the cute cafe tables to the left of the open kitchen, or belly up to the bar, where they serve craft beer, wine and a great happy hour from 3–6 p.m. seven days a week.

Whether you choose to eat or drink your way to a beer belly, the Beer Belly Deli will happily provide you fresh ingredients prepped and crafted in some of the most unique ways on the inlet.

15 Creative Sandwich Spreads

Packing your daily work or school lunches may be routine, but your sandwiches don’t have to be! Turn your lunch from boring to extraordinary by swapping out the plain mayo and mustard for a simple yet creative homemade sandwich spread.

It can be as easy as adding a few herbs or spices to your favorite condiment, or mixing together a few favorite flavors, but the result will take your sandwiches to a whole new level of deliciousness! Try prepping some spreads ahead of time for quick sandwich assembly in the morning!

Check out these 15 creative sandwiches spread and recipe pairings:

  1. This Honey, Balsamic, & Whole Grain Mustard Sauceadds a burst of sweet and savory flavor—perfect for simple sandwiches like ham and cheese that need a slight kick.
  2. Make your own homemade Submarine Dressingwith olive oil, vinegar, and dried Italian herbs to top off your favorite subs, like a classic Italian Hoagie.
  3. This White Bean Garlic Dipis a great, healthy alternative for traditional spreads like hummus. It’s a great way to add more flavor and a bit of protein to your favorite veggie or chicken sandwich. Bonus – it also works great as a dip!
  4. A simple Garlic-Basil Mayo spread is a delicious way to add a bit of creaminess to meals like this Turkey Veggie Sandwich!
  5. Try a Smoky French Dressing made with ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, garlic and chipotle, as a bold taste for recipes like Grilled Asparagus Subs.
  6. Avocado is a great, nutritious way to add some creaminess and healthy fats to your meal. This recipe for Avocado Herb Dipis perfect as a sandwich spread or as a dip for chips or veggies.
  7. Whip up some yummy Herbed Goat Cheese by mixing together softened goat cheese, garlic, basil, parsley, and chives. Check it out in this Roast Beef Sandwich
  8. Who doesn’t love barbecue sauce? It can turn any ordinary meal or sandwich into a whole new creation. Make your own Kansas City-Style BBQ Sauceto use in all your favorite recipes, or try one of these other BBQ sauces.
  9. Add some extra smokiness to your sandwich by combining mayonnaise with chopped chipotle chilies in adobo! Try this delicious Chipotle Mayo on a BBQ Flank Steak Sandwich.
  10. Spice things up with a Cajun Aioli, with flavors like garlic, creole mustard, cayenne, and a dash of tabasco! Also great on New Orleans-style recipes like Grilled Shrimp Po’ Boys.
  11. Or—sweeten things up with a Maple-Infused Honey Mustard Try it with the classic pairing of fried chicken in this Chicken & Waffle Sandwich recipe.
  12. Do your lunches need a bit of heat? Try adding a simple Sriracha Mayo It goes great on any sandwich, along with Asian-style recipes like these Slaw Dogs.
  13. Hummus is wonderful as a sandwich spread! Made from chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and tahini, it adds extra protein, vitamins, and healthy fats. Try this Beet Hummusvariation on your next sandwich!
  14. Mustard and mayonnaise are both common sandwich condiments, but have you ever tried combining them? This Mustard-Mayonnaise Spread combines mayo with Dijon and whole grain mustards, plus a bit of sour cream. You can also try adding horseradish for an extra kick. Pair it with anything from roast beef or cold-cuts to this Hanger Steak Sandwich.
  15. This delicious and flavorful Dill Sauce, made with yogurt, fresh dill, mustard, olive oil, vinegar, and spices, is perfect on recipes like Veggie Sandwiches or Garden Dogs.


Jillian Ferry

Lunch: Fresh Food Company Pizza

As a way to close out my week of struggling to not eat gluten, I decided to try the pizza again to see if it lead up to its previous review, and it definitely did. It still tastes better than normal pizza, and I definitely see myself getting this in the future with my roommate.

Overall being gluten-free on campus is hard. This challenge really opened my eyes to the lack of gluten-free options and awareness on campus. Unlike vegan and vegetarian options, foods that are gluten-free are not labeled unless they come from the specific fridge in Fresh or are specifically asked for at 42nd Street Deli. Even then, the choices may be dull and you end up spending way more time in Fresh than the normal student. Unless you can be creative with meals, they can get boring really fast.

Adding to this, most gluten-free foods on campus are still prepared in areas where gluten is present. If you set on having a meal plan then I would recommend using a smaller plan and cooking more for yourself but in its current state, I would not recommend relying on GV Dining for all of your gluten-free meals.

Watch the video: Tims Travels: Gioias Deli featured on Food Networks best sandwiches in America list (July 2022).


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